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Enhancing reading and writing

through sports reporting

Welcome to Literacy Kicks

Literacy Kicks is an authentic, award-winning schools programme that engages children in reading and writing by taking them inside the exciting world of sports journalism.

Available as a six-week programme or individual sessions for both primary and secondary schools, it presents innovative writing tasks for pupils to complete.

Developed alongside experienced teachers, it incorporates elements of research, note-taking, editing and working to deadlines, while including insights from two decades of being a journalist at leading sporting events.

Independent research covering 179 pupils found that 78 percent of primary school children enjoyed writing more after completing a six-week Literacy Kicks course.

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Learn more about how Literacy Kicks works in classrooms

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How over 20 years of national newspaper experience helped create Literacy Kicks

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Read about how our bespoke, award-winning programmes have been delivered around the country

Kentmere Academy children during a Literacy kicks session

Hear from schools that have worked with Literacy Kicks and the impact it has had

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How to get in touch with

Literacy Kicks

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Engaging students in reading and writing has never been more relevant. Literacy Kicks has developed an incredible programme that captures the attention of students and enables them to truly immerse themselves in developing the art of writing.”

Ben Pickup

PE Teacher, Pleckgate High

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