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What We Do

Literacy Kicks takes primary and second students inside the exciting world of sports journalism and presents innovative, authentic writing tasks for them to complete.

Available as a six-week programme or individual workshops, the lessons include elements of research, note-taking, editing and working under pressure.


Developed alongside experienced teachers, the lessons include writing assignments which see students compile match reports, profile features or opinion pieces centred around notable sporting topics.

During a Literacy Kicks lesson, pupils can expect to learn note taking skills before putting together a match report on an historic football international, or to research the life of an iconic Paralympic star and write a profile feature on them.


They will discover the history of women’s football and compile a newspaper article to inform others of its remarkable journey, and debate whether or not sports stars should get involved in politics before writing their own opinion piece on it.

Becoming a live blogger sees students report on a thrilling Premier League match as it unfolds, while the crucial skill of editing is covered when they become sub-editor, ensuring that spelling, grammar and capital letter mistakes don’t appear in a newspaper.

Through communication with teachers prior to the lessons, we can incorporate key learning indicators that individual classes are working on during each session that is delivered. Workbooks for learners are provided whichever programme is chosen.

Literacy Kicks is also able to tailor lessons to link with specific sporting clubs who want their organisation to be the subject featured. Clubs delivering schools projects into their area can add a literacy element to it where their organisation becomes the focal point of the lesson.

In May 2024, Literacy Kicks and the Sheffield Eagles Sporting Foundation were awarded the ‘Celebrating Sporting Heritage in Schools Award’ following a project that celebrated the 25th anniversary of the club’s 1998 Challenge Cup final win over Wigan at Wembley.

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